"They say I am beautiful and cheeky.
"Irresistible", they whisper in my wake.
I love parties, beautiful things, and I have all of Paris at my feet.
My name is Bonnie.
You won't forget me for a long time.

Bonnie could only take up residence in the heart of a reinvented Paris, and above all high up.
It is thus at the top of the Tour Morland, the island Saint-Louis at its feet and the Eiffel Tower a few steps away, that this restaurant, bar, club, topping the SO/ hotel with panache, is unveiled.

From the psychedelic accents of the carpeting to the opulence of the banquettes, Bonnie immerses her guests in an enveloping cocoon and succeeds in synthesizing the sixties and the 2020s.

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Between Paris and New York, bonnie's brasserie menu.
The kitchen of the bonnie restaurant - at the top of the morland tower.

Bonnie loves Paris, which is very much in her favor, but she also likes to cross the Atlantic to add a little New York twist to her cooking.

In the plate, the product is king, and it is always a product of choice. A chic Parisian brasserie spirit hovers over the gourmet and willingly spectacular menu, where the sea has pride of place, but also leaves a place of choice for a few carefully chosen meats.
The recipes, festive and iconic, are shared... or not.

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Le bar de bonnie - at the top of hotel so/ - 75004 paris

At Bonnie's, the art of the cocktail is practiced with the clinking of glasses. Alone for the purists or in new recipes for the adventurous, champagne sets the tone for a menu that allows itself a few forays into the repertoire of mythical cocktails of the 60s and 70s.

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Breathtaking view for bonnie, at the top of the morland tower, 75004, for this restaurant, bar, club.
At the top of the morland tower, with the รฎle saint-louis at its feet and the eiffel tower just a stone's throw away, bonnie reveals itself as a restaurant, bar, and club, topping the so/ hotel with panache.
Bonnie opens her club on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
16th floor, welcome to the golden age of cool.ย 
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Bonnie opens the doors of her club to a Paris-New York vibrating to the electro-disco rhythm of the 60s and 70s.ย 
Big brown leather sofas, large picture windows offering a view of the whole of Paris, explosive cocktails: there's a touch of Studio 54 in this new Parisian temple of the night, where the evenings promise to be as stunning as the view.

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Open Monday to Sunday
Reservations recommended
12h - 14h30

19h - 00h
16h - 2h

(Thursday to Saturday)
11pm - 5am

Bonnie ๐ŸŒ– restaurant, bar, club - boonie moon

Restaurant BONNIE
10 Rue Agrippa d'Aubignรฉ
75004 PARIS

+33 (0)1 78 90 74 74